Friday 11 November 2011

Vinyl Veterans Swap Meet

Tomorrow is the first in a series of swap meets for record heads in Brighton courtesy of those good dudes VINYL VETERANS. The crew will be spinning funky beats all day while the trades and swaps go on amongst those in attendance, so dig out your spare 45s and LPs and take a crate down there as everyone is welcome. And with the VINYL VETERANS in charge you know there will be some wax bounty up for grabs! Now if I wasn't already committed to working this weekend I would be there for sure, but in my absence I hope everyone enjoys themselves and leaves with a few dusty discs that they had been looking for.


Mac McRaw said...

Cheers KD ..real shame you & G can't make it down ...we got Format bringing a couple of crates & spinning with us & will have the full Columbia portable set up in the place.

Roskow Kretschmann said...

every digger should have one..... finally OUT NOW !! BOSPORUS BRIDGES Vol. 2 - LP.... check it out here:

p.s.Supreme Dominion said...

Should be at the next one. Lots of records to bring along. Respect to the Vinyl Vets, hope it's gonna be a regular event and good luck for the weekend.