Thursday 20 May 2010

Hip Hop Autographs pt2

Unfortunately I didn't meet the DEF JAM / PROFILE RECORDS trio to get this signed 6"x4" photo of RUN DMC, but instead was lucky enough to be in touch with a music journalist who did. I wish I HAD met RUN, DMC and JAM MASTER JAY cuz these dudes were and still are my idols. (It is their 3rd "Raising Hell" LP that started my leather Goosedown addiction, just check the cover.)
However several polite emails later and a quick exchange of a very fair sum of cash and this fine piece of hip hop memorabilia was mine.
I still find what happened to JAY so awful - he will always be the toughest DJ in my eyes. The way he used to rock them turntables live during every performance RUN DMC did. He could never never be replaced. Pure class. And he would even rock the microphone on occasions, such as in the video below. Rest in peace JAY MIZELL.

Kid Dyno

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