Monday 14 February 2011

Mr Krum's Podcast #6

VINYL VETERANS member MR KRUM is back in effect with another podcast. You know the drill - choice music and super tight mixing. Get your earholes around this.

MR KRUM is the man responsible for the artwork behind OXYGEN's "Gone Diggin'" 45rpm single, and more recently the design for DJ FORMAT & SURESHOT LA ROCK'S new 12" single. If you got design needs you could do much worse than speak to MR KRUM, you can contact him on his design site here. Here's a few examples of his design work....

1 comment:

MR KRUM said...

Wow! Cheers Dom...really appreciate all the support! Glad you enjoyed the Podcast. Just anticipating on the next edition of Breaks For Days Radio!!

Cheers - D