Friday 5 August 2011

Groove Jitsu

I was gonna upload a brand new BREAKS FOR DAYS RADIO show this week, but following my post a few days ago concerning the SKEME RICHARDS KUNG-FU post, the dude by the name of KING MEGATRIP (check him out at BooMBoX) hit me off with a link to his fantastic GROOVE JITSU mix - a collection of martial arts related tracks blended together with other fight themes and movie scores with a sprinkling of hip hop instrumentals. It's so damn good that I thought I would bless you all with this instead and come correct with another hour of DAILY DIGGERS goodness next week.
GROOVE JITSU also features the LORDS OF PERCUSSION track I mention in my previous post. Also he drops another DAILY DIGGERS favourite by MARVIN HOLMES which I have dropped on numerous occasions when I play out. This mix is quality from start to finish, so I would like to say to KING MEGATRIP "simply excellent ... you have learned well from the lessons of the past."

However I will let MEGATRIP himself introduce the mix...

"I had been saving all sorts of “fight” word samples for a couple years – so I had tons and tons left unused when the mix was done – I tried to smash them all into the final bonus track. it’s quite chaotic – but fun.
This mix – full of groove-jitsu technique… upper blocks, roundhouse kicks and some fantastic beats… plenty of fight related word samples rounding it all out. fetch your black belts and polish up the katanas… groove-jitsu!"

So now martial arts fans, are you ready to get your guts kicked out?

KING MEGATRIP - Groove Jitsu


King Megatrip said...

cool man! thanks for the blog post -- much appreciated. people who dig this mix may very well enjoy my 12 mixtape Soul Society series that I did last year.

look me up directly here for mixtape downloads:

or random daily nonsense here:

again - much gratitude... glad you enjoyed the mix!

- Megatrip.

bobby corridor said...

King Megatrip is THE man when it comes to them vocal samples.

Anonymous said...

dope stuff king megatrip off topic r-i-paint kase 2 the master of style alter---