Monday 15 August 2011

Team Robbo

I'm sure I don't need to confirm which side of the fence the DAILY DIGGERS are on when it comes to the recent BANKSY vs KING ROBBO feud. I have nothing personal against BANKSY himself (especially as I sold my BANKSY Lady Diana ten pound note for mad loot a few years ago) but I am far from being a fan of his work, or that of any other so-called street artist. I guess my gripe is that the general public are always duped into thinking he is a graff writer. He may well have been years ago, but the moment he gave up can control for stencils was also the moment he ended his "writer" career.
I must be honest I found it highly amusing when London bomber 10FOOT made a point of ragging a few BANKSY originals around East London. However when the Bristol born artist made a point of going over a 25year old ROBBO piece he not only picked a fight with ROBBO himself but he courted disrespect from the whole writer community.
ROBBO made a point of coming out of retirement to teach him a lesson, and if you watched the excellent CHANNEL 4 documentary then you know what happened next.

I would like to wish ROBBO a very speedy and full recovery following his serious head injury received back in APRIL of this year. Details are sketchy of what exactly happened to ROBBO but he is presently in an induced coma to aid his recovery. Please get well soon. All graff heads can support the fundraiser event on Sunday 4th September 2011 at CARGO in Shoreditch East London.

The writing is on the wall for BANKSY!!

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