Thursday 22 October 2009

Breaks for Days Radio

I finally got round to recording another hour or so of our vinyl tomfoolery here at the DAILY DIGGERS HQ. Sorry for the long wait ... but I've been mad busy lately . I gotta be honest though, there's no real preparation to what records we play, other than that my buddy BEAT DETECTIVE brings round a bag of his freshest wax finds, and I pull out of my racks whatever feels right at the time. Let's call it a spontaneous beatdown.
There's plenty of breaks & beats to go round this week - definitely one for the beatheads. But of course we wouldn't dare leave you without dropping a few hip hop gems. I hope you enjoy the "less talk more sounds" approach this week. Rock on!


Kid Dyno


Don Fargo said...

Dope Mix!
Keep it coming.

p.s.Supreme Dominion said...


Looking forward to this months selection Kid.

peace out! P

Anonymous said...

Sup Dom, Gareth! Jus listening while i work from home. Dope. Loving the breaks leading to G Rap.

Great stuff.

Chingford Dave from DWG

FISH PWS said...

Need to start making these things either more regular or longer...maybe both! another fine selection, that Demon Boyz remix is slick and the cover of it's just begun had me howlin! (it's got to be French, surely?)
Who did the track you played before "pages & pages" by Caveman? don't recognise the voice at all and certainly don't remember the track...let me know.
Keep on rocking...

Daily Diggers said...

Yo Don, Supreme Dominion and DWG Dave!

thanks you guys for dropping us a line. You know we love to drop mad beats on your unsuspecting eardrums.

Fish, that version of "It's Just Begun" is by The Simonsound, released earlier this year. And the track before Caveman is by SOLID n MIND on Liberty Grooves Records (prev. unreleased).

...and yes we'll try and up the ante with more BREAKS FOR DAYS downloads. I'm pleased you dig it.


Anonymous said...

Yo Dyno...dope mix!
Question for ya...whats the deal with the Dum Dum album Beat Detective shared a few months back? I got me one for 50p last week and googled it to see what was up and there is no information ANYWHERE apart from on your blog.ungoogleable....never seen it for sale anywhere ever either.
Peace out,Gav Kasso

Ray Vaughn said...

Nice. The Simonsound cover is sick, good choice! Good to here Hardnoise squeezed in towards the end and the Demon Boyz remix worked well too. That piano on "Getting Nasty"... does things...

Drop by The Bottomless Crates, we're pretty similar in taste when it comes to radio playlists!