Sunday 15 January 2012

Normski x Classic Material

Anyone familiar with the Hip Hop scene in the UK throughout the 1980s will no doubt be aware of the contribution the photographer (and TV presenter) NORMSKI gave to Hip Hop. From the very early part of the decade NORMSKI was documenting Hip Hop culture using his natural talent behind a camera lens, and soon after he became the photographer of choice for all hip hop magazines and artists alike. There is something very special with many of the photographs NORMSKI has taken over the years, whether it be a candid shot of your favourite rapper in an unusual situation or maybe a well-timed frame of an average b-boy doing the do. NORMSKI certainly got skills. Following the success of the CLASSIC MATERIAL exhibition which featured some of NORMSKI's finest work, you can now pick up some ultra limited NORMSKI prints. Now if you are a die hard hip hopper then I suggest you take a peep because these prints would look superb framed and on your wall. Keep clicking away NORMSKI!
Big Daddy Kane photo by NORMSKI taken during the UK Cold Chillin' Tour

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