Saturday 29 September 2012

Favela B-Boy Funk

There are so many new funk 45s out there that are simply too good not to pick up, and I'm loving the fact that many new funk outfits are conscious of featuring a drum break in their joints for the beatheads amongst us. I'm not gonna lie, I was kinda slow to pick up on these "new" funky 45s - a few of years ago I was so deeply concerned with my search for vintage vinyl that I had written off buying any new releases. But now I'm making up for my slackness by keeping an eye on what's new and funky out there ... especially if it revolves at 45 revs per minute.
One such release which only dropped last Tuesday 25th September has had me busy on the turntables ever since I got my hands on two copies. "Favela B-boy Funk" by FREQNIK & WDRE is straight up drum crazy! Having already been a massive success as a Soundcloud download, New York production duo FREQNIK and WDRE decided to put this battle ready rocket out on 45rpm vinyl through BORO RECORDS. Snapping drums (you'll recognise the beat I'm sure) and raw horns (slightly more difficult to spot this sample unless your a real vinyl junkie) make this track a perfect uptempo floor filler, and the Afro Latin vibe means it is top-rock ready for you b-boys and b-girls out there! So here you go ...... two videos for "Favela B-boy Funk" - the unofficial one with myself cutting it up and then the official version. Once you've enjoyed both get your search on and grab yourself doubles!!

via HERE, HERE or HERE. If you are in Japan try HERE.


Banca dos B-Boyzz said...

\o/ yeahh! really funky man! when I heard tha title "favela" (it is how people in Brasil call our slums and chanty houses) I think about miame bass, cause eletrofunk is a fever here! nice post!
- wearetogether! or...
tamujunto man!

Daily Diggers said...

Banca dos B-Boyzz....

thanks for your comment brother,

This joint is rocking from the South Pole to the North Pole!

Peace, unity, love and having fun!

Respect to the b-boys in Brasil all the way from London

Kid Dyno

andujar said...

I know the bassline, I've heard the OG but its killin' me that I can't recall what it is.