Monday 24 September 2012

Da Beatminerz

If you love the boom bap sound of DA BEATMINERZ (EVIL DEE & MR WALT) then you must stop at nothing to get your hands on this dope "little record" which has just dropped on ILL ADRENALINE RECORDS. For your money you get a healthy dose of crunchy BEATMINERZ production, plus better-than-your average vocal appearances from TASH, RAH DIGGA, MOS DEF and TALIB KWELI. "Smoke Sumthin'" is straight up hardcore trooper music, and the flipside is the best version of "Another World" I've heard, but I expect nothing less from these seasoned producers from the much loved and dearly missed D&D studios stable.
ILL ADRENALINE have also just released a nice ROC MARCIANO joint on 45rpm produced by UK beatsmith THE PURIST, and they have some very interesting projects lined up for the very near future including a long player from MAIN SOURCE affiliate NEEK THE EXOTIC. Get yourself over to their website and check out what you're missing. Get into it ... and get involved.

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