Saturday 25 February 2012

Bankrupt Europeans

BANKRUPT EUROPEANS - what a very apt name for a crew at this financial time, so what better reason to lend your support to this next 12" vinyl project which features Mr Golden Era himself, PHILL MOST CHILL on vocal duties.
From what I understand this release has been "in the making" for quite a while but due to the usual stick in the spokes of the music biz it has been delayed somewhat. But credit where it is due DJ SNAFU and FRASER SYME have pulled out all the stops to ensure the vinyl materialised and it is now available for you to scoop with the quickness.
PHILL MOST CHILL is certainly a in demand emcee right about now (and with good reason) as he appears on the current and soon to be classic DJ FORMAT LP. He is also one half of the FABREEZE BROTHERS duo with PAUL NICE dropping a 12" this month, and I know of a few other projects he features on but cannot unveil at the moment.
The FAST RAP EP features 4 tracks with BANKRUPT EUROPEANS on production, and has the essential instrumental versions on the flip. Check out the soundclips above for snippets of just two of the four tracks on the vinyl. The cost is £12 each and can be purchased by contacting DJ SNAFU at
1st class Signed For: £3.50
For each additional record please add 75p
Standard: £4.25 for first record, £1 for each additional record.
For international signed for delivery add £4.95 to total.
Canada / USA / Japan / Australia :
Standard: £6.75 for first record, £2 for each additional.
For international signed for delivery add £4.95 to total.

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Dan the Fish said...

Dope 12", 4 great tracks, when your hot etc..