Friday 2 March 2012

Break DJ Leacy Cuttin' It Up

A lot of people I've met over the years ask me what the late great BREAK DJ LEACY was like both as a person, and whilst on the wheels of steel. Well to sum it up in a nutshell, as a friend he was an constant joker, leg puller and a real inspiring character who could always leave a smile on your face. But when it came to beats he took his art seriously. Anyone who saw or heard him spin was left with a musical impression on their mind for a very long time. From the earliest days of our friendship circa 1990 I remember even way back then he would carry a list of break records he was looking for hand written on a piece of white paper, with the apt title of "Looking for the Perfect Beat" scrawled at the top in Jim's inimitable handstyle.
And as for his skills on the 1s and 2s .... well here's BREAK DJ LEACY live on the wheels of steel from back in 2003 at THE MIGHTY FOUR jam. KEN SWIFT on the mic.


Repo said...

My knowledge of Leacy is very sketchy. What happened to him and when did he pass away?

Daily Diggers said...

Lord S - unfortunately Jim was killed after being hit by a car whilst jogging one evening in Oct 2004. At the time he was top of his game, spinning the breaks for b-boys right across the US and Europe. Because of his dedication to the art he ended up speaking on panels with Bambaataa , Jazzy Jay etc.. He is sorely missed. KD

Mac McRaw said...

Real dope KD ..not heard this before, thanks for posting ...big respect to DJ Leacy may he rest in eternal peace.

Downstroke said...


What's the break before Don't Tell It, that starts eeerrrr, then kicks in. The only other time i heard it was on that old Westwood freestyle session Crazy Noddy and DJ Fingers did back in 88.

Anonymous said...

Rest In Peace Break DJ Leacy.

Does anybody knows the break at 12:56 ? Only Leacy was able to find out such a break.

Daily Diggers said...

^ thanks for your respect. Hit me up at
kidbiscuit at hotmail dot com