Sunday 25 March 2012

P&O Spaghetti Loops

My good friends DJ PRECISE and DJ OLSON are always deep in the crates searching for the next funky nugget to loop, chop or simply cut up over. Both of these dudes are former members of THE PLAIGAWRISTS turntable crew who competed in the DMC Team Championships in the late 90s, back when records were the choice format so they know how to manipulate a turntable and drop an unsuspecting bomb on you. Although these days you are more likely to find them in the studio working on cinematic beats or tinkering with vintage sound equipment, but digging for drum beats is still a hard habit to break. Here's volume 3 of their P&O Nuggets & Gems mix series ... "Spaghetti Loops" which is, as the name suggest, a selection of tasty loops and dirty grooves with a light dusting of cuts, scratches and the odd acapella thrown into the mix here and there. Pull up a chair, turn up the bass level, roll back your sleeves and get stuck in...

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