Friday 29 October 2010

Breaks for Days Radio

Yes I know it's well overdue, but I'm back in effect with another hour of rummaging through the DAILY DIGGERS crates in order to bring you some sho'nuff funky breaks and hardcore hip hop beats to bust out your speakers! I hope I have managed to satisfy your cravings this week with a vinyl selection from artists such as ROBIN KENYATTA, CERRONE, MACEO PARKER, KLAUS DOLDINGER, III MOST WANTED, SPECIAL ED, TUFF CREW, ULTIMATE FORCE, HOT DAY, POETRY to name just a few. It's just over an hour long as usual, but just enough to start your weekend off with some bounce. I hope you enjoy the music.


Kid Dyno



Nice one! BTW Big up and thank's for representing my blog on yours!


Anonymous said...

Another quality selection Dom.

Mac McRaw said...

Yes yes ..quality selection indeed, will share on the Vinyl Veterans page in the week.

Cheers for the shout out to KD

Daily Diggers said...

Hey fellas, thanks as always. I hope I got your heads boppin'

the real recognise the real!

Keep it dusty


Leo Slayer said...

been a long time coming, but it's always worth the wait...good'un.

MR KRUM said...

Just finished listening Dom...great selection as ever. looking forward to hearing more treats down at the Vinyl Veterans night!

Cheers - D

p.s.Supreme Dominion said...

Back in effect! feet up, switch on. Looks quality as ever KD.