Tuesday 12 October 2010

Classic Material Mixtape #1

To get you in the party mood for this Saturday's CLASSIC MATERIAL night at THE CAMP, here's the first in a series of mixtapes to celebrate 30 years of rap music recordings. Expertly put together by CHRIS READ, and available to listen to NOW on MIXCLOUD here. Check it out.

...and here's part 2 below.

If you like what you hear, get yourselves down to THE C.A.M.P. in City Road this SATURDAY 16th Oct. DJ FORMAT's 45s set is gonna go down in history trust me!

Kid Dyno


Anonymous said...

great,be better if could d-load in USA,especially when your ONE OF MANY FORGOTTEN ARTISTS ON IT!!!!!!!!!!!BY way,dj premier uses MIXCLOUD NEVER a PROBLEM,dope site.ANY SUGGESTions how to d-load like ypour divshare's,i'd like to hear MY WORK,not read,CHRIS READ TIL'after,during.explainto me where alink's at.then has deceiving d-load each trk.individualy,I'M COMP. NOVICE TO MAX TO BUSY LIVING IT.yet even i know how to unzip,if can't do like you do the BREAK'S FOR DAY'S RADIO SHOW I LOVE,WHER'S IT BEEN.i can;t stand seein' track's i was involved w/bein' made hard{pause to cop!!!!PUT A LINK-UP,I PUT MY ENY FAM up on sight they wan't i'm LOOKIN' FOOLIO!

Daily Diggers said...

^ hey thanks for the comments. So you're one of the artists on the mixtape? You're certainly not forgotten if we're jamming your tracks.

On the divshare links click "share" to get a Download link. As for any other mixes on the site, just email me at


and I am more than happy to send you direct links for anything you wanna hear,

..and the BREAKS FOR DAYS RADIO show will be back very soon ... watch this space.

hit me up man at the email address.

peace from London

Kid Dyno