Thursday 29 July 2010

End To End Burner

I know my man DRASAR from HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD is, like myself, a sucker for anything graffiti related. (DRAS you could NEVER be a sucker but you know what I'm spraying!) When I see a burner on steel it feels like I've just took a line of cocaine. My heart races, beads of sweat form on my forehead, I talk gibberish for a second, then I go into a zombie like state for a moment whilst soaking up the fresh outlines and mixtures of pastel colours. Not forgetting those cracks and shines! Holy dope man, there's nuthin' fresher than paint on steel. So for you DRASAR here's a little European end to end action. Simply click on the image to enlarge.

1 comment:

Drasar Monumental said...

Yes my brother.......

Good looking on the shines, definitely appreciate it....I want to read that Freshco interview you have cooking up.....Wonder what Miz is up to ?

I just put up a new remix, let me know what you think......