Sunday 4 July 2010

All Music Lovers - Break DJ Leacy & Nucleus

Summer has finally got a grip here in the UK, right now it's scorching hot and I've been lying on the beach eating ice cream and watching the girls bounce by. Nah - I wish ... seriously though, I have been on a 10 day solid stretch at work in this heat and it's finally beginning to take it's toll on me. I have never been a sun worshipper - I'm more a member of the vinyl congregation, so I'll be happy to get some time off and get out and about in London town to do some serious record digging. Maybe I can find some heat in this heat!
To keep me going through this hot and sweaty week, I have been bumping one of the best b-boy mixes on the planet rock. Put together by my good friend and fellow beathead who sadly is no longer with us BREAK DJ LEACY, together with NUCLEUS (what's up Simms from KD!). Now this mix is almost 10 years old so you may have caught it already, but it's well worth sharing with those who don't already have it.
I do intend to share with you my feelings about losing DJ LEACY in 2004 in a accident, although even now 5 plus years later I find it too hard to think about him without feeling distressed. So maybe in the near future I will pull myself together and drop a few LEACY stories. He will always be remembered globally for being a bad-ass break jock, but he was also a prankster and great friend to have. Plus he rocked the one's and two's like it was no thing but a chicken wing!

So I hope you all enjoy this 2 -sided mix, one side in the capable hands of LEACY, and the other rocked by NUCLEUS. Love and respect to Jim Leacy - rest in peace bro I dedicate this whole website to you.





Kid Dyno


Agent Finch said...

Wicked, cheers Dom, i`m on the d/l as i type.
I know from speaking to you that you were real tight with Jim & it must be real hard for you still to this day, to talk about him.
I think every b-boy in the world knows of the legendary DJ LEACY, he left a big impact on the hip hop world. My boy Tony from second to none has fond memories & stories about Jim from when they used to go to all the b-boy events & the RSC Anniversarys in NY.
Enjoy your days off Kid & hit those crates hard..!

Drasar Monumental said...

Your wordplay is crazy funny..."Laying on the beach eating ice cream and watching girls bounce by" HAHAHAHAHAHA..

Sorry about your homeboy, "Leacy"...I'm about to listen to this and check out how he got down for his....


Drasar Monumental said...

Had a chance to listen...WOW....Leacy's crate game must have been ridiculous....I'm actually amazed at how much fire power he packed into his set...

Thanks for sharing famz-

MR KRUM said...

Dope mix. cheers Dom.

R.I.P. DJ Leacy

Mac McRaw said...

Yeah real dope mix....thanks for posting......didn't know the man but I got a lot of respect for Break DJ Leacy R.I.P.

Daily Diggers said...

hey fellas thanks for the kind words. If it wasn't for LEACY there would probably be no BREAKS FOR DAYS.

I'm still good friends with his brother who is also a hip hopper, and we enjoy sharing the good time stories and laughing about the fun times. Plus I still have JIM's mixtapes to take me back, and a few photos.

As I said I will drop more LEACY stories when the time is right.

keep tuning in dudes, it's always a pleasure to read your comments.

Kid Dyno

p.s.Supreme Dominion said...

What i've heard so far of the Leacy side is amazing, recorded using 2x12's i take it and a decent mixer, wow! Serato and that other stuff does not make one a good DJ, rockin' the wheels of steel right with flavor, flair and a choice of definitive breaks that move ya feet most certainly does, im lovin the delay effect used here - fresh.

Cheers Dyno for sharing this mix a treat to bear witness as to what Dj Leacy sounded like on the kut. Checkin' the Nucleus side too.

r.i.p - Dj Leacy

Anonymous said...

It was nice to stumble across this post on James Leacy. I knew James in the late 90's as we were in a hip hop group together for a couple of years. If you're interested, some of his beats can be found at In particular, check out 'Mind Excursion' which was totally ahead of it's time and still sounds fresh today. At the time he was dismissive and embaressed of even making the tune, but I wish he could have appreciated how much it was loved by music heads. RIP DJ Leacy. Rod (formally MC Gettin' Lyrical)