Monday 12 July 2010

Beats & Laces

Beats & Laces - both Hip Hop essentials YO!
ADIDAS and DEF JAM are once again collaborating on some fresh garments, it's just a shame DEF JAM as a record label ain't what it used to be.


Agent Finch said...

Fresh t-shirt Dom, where can we buy it?

Loving the adidas kicks in the photo too..!!

Daily Diggers said...

what's good Martin.

I got mine from an independent sports shop, but you will find one online I'm sure.

You like the three stripes eh..?

White Top Tens with burgundy stripes (hella rare)
White Concord with Brown stripes and gum sole
Black Top Ten Lo's with brown stripes

I got it bad yo! I need beats & laces like other people need oxygen.

Kid Dyno

Agent Finch said...

Cheers Dom, i`ll defo try & cop one of those t-shirts.

The white top tens with burgundy stripes are hella dope, i want em..!!!!!!! haha.