Wednesday 15 December 2010

Tools of the Trade

When you're a heavy beat digger, certain things in life make the job much less of a pot-luck gamble and more of an exciting adventure into recorded music. For years I trecked across London town in search of dusty vinyl and relied heavily on firstly my memory, and secondly the listening posts in many of the city's record shops. But after buying many shitty records and suffering some of the poorest sound systems and broken headphones in store, I now rely solely on my instincts and my trusty portable record players to get me through the sea of vinyl with some success. And any investment in batteries is a worthy purchase in my opinion - OK so they won't last long and cost the earth but there's no way I'm being left with no power whilst on a mission.
A few years ago I was relieved when VESTAX produced their HANDYTRAX portable so now I could rely on a brand new machine, rather than some of my more vintage players that to be honest have seen better days. Too many times I've been stuck with a broken tone arm or stuck platter with no means to fix until I return home. Despite this I still love my old portable turntables, and while they keep breaking I'll still keep trying to fix 'em!

Kid Dyno

Now, enjoy some portable porn!

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verge said...

Hahaa... props! Some really nice looking portables there. I never had many myself, except for when I was a little, of course, I had the little fisher price joint that was popular for children out here back then.

I finally copped a Numark portable a couple of years ago cause, you know, certain stores don't have listening stations. Maaaan, that turntable lasted me less than a week, honestly. If I find the time, I'm sure it's just the belt fell off or something minor and I can probably fix it pretty easily.
Just thought I'd worn heads to steer clear of that Numark one, unless maybe mine was just a fluke incident.
Next time I'll cop the Vestax. Lol.
Thanks for the awesome portable pics!