Tuesday 21 December 2010

@ The Knitting Factory BK

Wow check out this line-up planned for the 23rd December ..... you got LEADERS OF THE NEW SCHOOL (minus Busta Bus), SON OF BAZERK, GRAND DADDY I.U. and the mighty SPUTNIK BROWN. DJs on the night are JOHNNY JUICE and J-ZONE, with T-MONEY (YO! MTV RAPS) as host. All happening at THE KNITTING FACTORY in BROOKLYN on the 23rd. If you are in the NY area don't miss it!


step one said...

would love to see SugaBear performing 'Dont Scandalize Mine'

Daily Diggers said...

"I said it before once more time after time!"

eh yo STEP, that would be dope. I wish I could be in NY this Christmas.

Kid Dyno