Friday 17 December 2010

Have a Merry JB Christmas

Tomorrow night in BRIGHTON the VINYL VETERANS and POSITIVITY crew will be celebrating the festive season and paying their respects at this holy time of year to THE one and only GOD.......FATHER of Soul JAMES BROWN. Playing everything JAMES BROWN related so expect some MYRA BARNES, JBs, VICKI ANDERSON and all your favourite JB-related rap classics! If you're remotely near the south coast get yourself down to the CHRISTMAS GET DOWN at the BLACK LION in B'TOWN.


Mac McRaw said...

Cheers KD was another fresh, fun & funky session.

Look forward to rockin with you guys again in the new year & hopefully some other projects.

Happy Xmas to you & The Beat Detective ...keep on digging!

MR KRUM said...

^^^ What Mac said!