Sunday 13 December 2009

Guest Mixes by ADE

One of the best things about this site (even if I do say so myself) is that a few of YOU people out there are more than dextrous on the 1s and 2s and have sent in mixes that you know will rock nicely along with the subject matter of BREAKS FOR DAYS. My job has been very much to enjoy these mixes firstly, and then share the best of them with you. At this point I want to say another thanks to those mixes we have featured so far; may I suggest you check through our post archive if you have missed them? Plus I would still like to invite other beatheads to submit their mixes whether it be straight-up hip hop, breaks, funk, or a healthy mixture of beat-orientated music. You know the deal, get those crates out and rock shit lovely!
Today I've gonna drop a few mixes that I've been enjoying for some months, but waiting for the right time to bless you with. All courtesy of my man ADE from down on the UK's south coast. Now it's almost Christmas and I feel this mix is now ripe for the sharing - I guess it's got a kinda festive vibe to it, but do not worry it is without any cheesy christmas records. The first one is a fast and furious mix that is gonna get you thinking "I know this joint ... what the hell is it?". But before you can recall it another beat drops and so on - it must feature a zillion records! It's starts on a sporty theme (you will hear what I mean) but it's all good music with no excuses, blended to perfection with the aim of keeping your head nodding to the very end. And it works.
The second is a nice section of breaks and beats doubled up in true school tradition. And thirdly we have a bonus nugget from ADE just to keep you on your toes. But that's not all, I also have in my hands a 45s mix by ADE that I will drop right here on BREAK FOR DAYS just before Christmas. Let's wet your appetite first with some dope beats....

ADE Mix 1

ADE on the wheels of steel

ADE bonus nugget

Hold tight for the 45s mix. Many thanks and big props to ADE for all of his hard work.


Kid Dyno


Anonymous said...

Good to see the man ADE getting some recognition at last for his sheer love and dedication to his music.I own many ADE mixes which hold some real gems,replete with his inimitable humour.I bet many of you didn`t know this though.ADE does most of his mixing from a dentist chair with a spray-deck....Big-it-up the man ADE

Anonymous said...

Not bad for a man with a prosthetic hand...