Monday 21 December 2009

It's Cold Outside

We're in the midst of winter here in the UK - right now there's four inches (and counting) of snow outside the DAILY DIGGERS HQ. Poor conditions if you wanna get out and about on the hunt for vinyl, but perfect for rocking the DOUBLE GOOSE COUNTRY. Even in this weather they are guaranteed to keep you warm despite all the elements that mother nature can throw at you. The big decision is ... which one to rock? BEAT DETECTIVE goes for the bright red leather three quarter length jacket, and I got my "mugsy" face on wearing a midnight blue v-stitch with brown fur. We're toasty YO!

Stay warm out there!

Kid Dyno


Skeme Richards said...

Hell yeah! This is why I love you guys, always rockin the fresh wares!


fishlington jenkins-smythe said...

I found a shop locally that sells these today, got excited, tried one on, then saw the price and decided to keep the money in my "get myself a new mixer" fund after all...bloody warm though!