Saturday 18 August 2007

Record heads

This post brings new meaning to the phrase "Record Heads". It always makes me chuckle to see a record cover used as a face mask. If you're a vinyl nerd, then send us your "record head" and we will add you to the list.

To kick things off, here's our very own KID DYNOMITE as usual within arms reach of his wax stash. And an apt record too - "Is that him, could I be right..., could that be kid....ah dynOmite?" LOL!

Send us your photo to dailydiggers at hotmail dot co dot uk.

DJ Jam-On

Dan Delta - London

Kid Dyno

Crates 73, B'mouth

Stax-o-wax, B'mouth

Kashmere & Ghost with DJ Cro on Main Ingredient Radio, Birmingham UK ( MON Midnight-2am)

Breakbeatz from New York, USA (

Doc Savage - Chesterfield UK

Del the Soul Condor

Dan Delta - London

DJ Just One - Norwich UK ( FRI 10pm - Midnight)

Stilts gets all dooley on us! (This one kills me!)


Kid Dyno


..keep 'em coming!

Daily Diggers


Crate Escape Records said...

you got a copy of the pic from the record shed?

cosmo said...

come check my record head.