Monday 18 February 2008

Just Messin' with Beats pt6

I recently stumbled onto DJ MARK the 45 KINGs official website for the first time (click HERE) and it's good to see he is still capable or putting together a funky ass beat. I'm sure many of you have seen the Youtube footage of the 45 KING rockin' the Vestax Handytrax doubles with a mini-mixer and a handful of dope 45s. Spinning back and forth and keeping it tight like some new jeans!
Well peep his website as there is plenty more of that stuff for your viewing pleasure, plus some new beats to check out and a discography well worthy of reading in full. We're fans of the man who brought us the likes of "This Cut's Got Flavor", "The Posse Is Large", and the mic skills of Lakim Shabazz.
So it made us dig through the early flavor unit material and yep - we stil love it as much now as we did back then. When names like Pete Rock, Large Pro, and Marley Marl get banded's only fair to add DJ MARK the 45 KING to that very same list. Without him Hip Hop in the 80's would have been a less funkier place to be!

Here's a LATEE remix for the Flavor Unit fans.

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