Sunday 20 July 2008

Great British Beats & Rhymes

Now if you like your Hip Hop music to be a mix of uptempo raw beats with hardcore rhymes, then may I suggest some "Golden Era" UK Hip Hop from the late 80s and early 90s??
OK so the UK readers amongst you will probably know most of the UK joints we're gonna drop here, but we're hoping a few of our fellow Hip Hoppers from the United States, Europe and afar will have a listen and appreciate some of these dope British tracks. Plus I know my boy Kwote One from Australia likes his tough UK stuff so this goes out to you also Kwote!
The quality of early UK Hip Hop was pretty damn incredible on looking back 2 decades ago - the taste here was for mostly fast pace hard beats with raw rhymes and a hardcore attitude which was not absent, but certainly not as present in the US Hip Hop records of the same era. Groups like Gunshot, Hijack, Demon Boyz, Caveman, Hardnoise, London Posse, and artists like MC Mello became household names amongst the UK crowd. But under the mainstream (if we can call it that) there were also a handful of other crews and groups producing hell-a-dope hip hop. Names like Fresh-ski & Mo-Rock, D to the K, Katch 22, Unanimous Decision, Dashy D & Cuetips, Powerlords, and many others.
On listening to some of these records today, it's amazing how dope the UK groups were. No phony US accents, no beat-biting, just raw underground talent. I hope you enjoy the Best of British joints below.....and for more superdope UK Hip Hop then check out AROE's awesome CROWN JEWELS mix CD, with the second CD in this series coming soon. And from what AROE tells me this will feature some seriously DOPE STUFF!


Cash Crew - Microphone Maniac 12"
PD3 - Breaking the Silence 12"
The Force - Mission Impossible 12" (flip side to the Cash Crew above on Vinyl Lab records)
D to the K - Slow Jam feat Mello (V/A Hard Core 1 LP)
Trouble - I Get Hype 12"
Bomb the Bass ft Merlin - Megablast Rap Version 12"
Crazy Noddy & Dj Fingers (Sindecut) - Sindecut's Rockin' 12"
Prime Rhyme Masters - You Need Discipline 12"
Hijack - Murder in the First Degree orig version (Orig Horns LP)
Powerlords - E Man 12"
Black Radical mk 2 - Witch Hunt (The Undiluted Truth LP)
Mello - Words Spoken 12"
Fresh Ski & Mo-Rock - It's Working (Long Awaited Paroxysm EP)
Gunshot - Clear From Present Danger 12"

Kid Dyno


Anonymous said...

happy belated break4days!

your blog is dope and much appreciated here.

bobby corridor said...

UK hip hop mix here..

All hip hop mix here... (600 tracks)

Daily Diggers said...

anonymous - thanks....& your comments are very much appreciated ! keep tuning in!

bobby corridor - top notch stuff, thanks for sharing the love...i urge everyone to download and crank it up! sterling work!

Kid Dyno

Ade Merckx said...

Wow bro its nice to finally get some recognition. Keep the blog going. Get in touch and I'll try to get you a copy of our other E.P (not Long Awaited...) from circa 1991 "The Coarse selectors"
Fresh Ski (Toks)

Daily Diggers said...

hey Fresh Ski, it's great to see you stumbled on our page, and hey props are definitely due for your contribution to raw UK Hip Hop on wax! "Talking Pays" is an absolute classic hip hop tune, period!

Please get in touch with me at...

kidbiscuit at hotmail dot com I have tried to reply directly via blogger without success.
Man I would love to get a copy of "The Coarse Selctors", never seen or heard that shit, and maybe a short interview please if you have the time??

greatly appreciated homeslice,

thanks for passing through,

Kid Dyno

Anonymous said...

All you fellas up at Daily Didders deserve a ridiculous amount of props for the work you're putting in. I just want to say a Big Thank You for including my joint "Breaking The Silence." Man, that brought back so many memories of the time myself and DJ Pogo spent in the studio putting that together! Please keep doing what you're doing. Peace.
Big Ted aka Jeopardy!!!!!!

Daily Diggers said...

Yo Big Ted up in the place!

Man it's great to see a UK head with your pedigree here on BREAKS FOR DAYS. I had FRESH SKI e-mail a while back, and now your good self.

TED you've always been kneck-deep in this hip hop shit, so your comments are hugely appreciated bro, many thanks. As is your contribution to hip hop, let's not forget.

Please tell a friend to tell a friend about BREAKS FOR DAYS

And BIG TED - more rhymes please!!

You can reach me at I'm sure you've got some hip hop stories you would like to share.


tymusic said...

oh teddy been telling te folks about this shit.. i had to jump up and give you some props this site is dope... ty