Friday 4 July 2008

Guest mix - MR KRUM (Ill Technicians / Crate Invaders)

Hey party people we're back in EFFECT and really proud to present, for your download pleasure, a super tight & super bootytuff mixtape courtesy of MR KRUM from the ILL TECHNICIANS and CRATE INVADERS crews. This is one to download and bang throughout the summer and into winter then into spring....!
Now many of our regular readers will know of MR KRUM's excellent work from his "PUT IT 2 MUSIC" mix from last year featuring some seriously inventive Hip Hop accapella/instrumental action. Now we loved his twist on things, so if you don't already own a copy then may we suggest you hit up MR KRUM himself (just click and ask away!). Or maybe you bought some wax or traded rare vinyl with him over the wonderful worldwide web thingy - remember Eastside Records?
Some of you on the South Coast of the UK will also know of the man himself from his regular appearances at POSITIVITY in Brighton, and he of course will also be at the BRIGHTON HIP HOP festival later this month.
Now even though he is an extremely busy man and bordering-on-obsessive beat digger, he managed to tear himself away from the boot sales and charity shops, put down the MPC beat machine and the fistful of breakbeats.... and has blessed us here at BREAKS FOR DAYS BEATS FOR WEEKS with a lil sumthin' for your eardrums!
This is definitely one for the Hip Hop crowd (the fans and the collectors)....but believe me KRUM's knowledge of BREAKS goes deeper than Jacques Cousteau! So as JUST-ICE would almost definitely say......"na touch da KRUM!!"

There are some absolute stonking classics right here - tightly mixed to form one hell of an hour of dope shit! And for the more inquisitive amongst you there are also some kinda slept-on tunes in the second half that you really should dig out from your crates and give another listen, or if you don't own them it'll make you wanna find 'em.

Intro. Beatnuts - "Sandwiches" (Instrumental)
1. Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - "Bad To The Bone" (Street Remix)
2. Main Source - "Looking At The Front Door"
3. Gang Starr "Just To Get A Rep"
4. BIG - "Party & Bullshit" (Lord Finesse Remix)
5. Brand Nubian - "Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down" (Remix featuring Diamond D)
6. EPMD - "Crossover"
7. Showbiz & A.G. - "Soul Clap" (Off Beat Mix)
8. Eric B & Rakim - "Don't Sweat The Technique"
9. Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - "The Creator" (Surfboard Mix)
10. Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - "The Creator" (E.P. Mix)
11. Big Daddy Kane - "Warm It Up Kane"
12. Tuff Crew "My Part Of Town"
13. DJ Format "As The Drums Pound" (featuring Abdominal)
14. Special Ed "Come On Let's Move It" (Remix)
15. L.L. Cool J - "Jingling Baby" (Remixed And Still Jingling)
16. Nas - "Made You Look" (Apache Remix - Instrumental)
17. Freshco & Miz - "We Don't Play"
18. Antoinette - "This Girl Is Off On Her Own" (Remix)
19. Public Enemy - "Night Of The Living Baseheads"
20. Craig G - "Shootin' The Gift" (Remix)
21. Yaggfu Front - "Lookin' For A Contract" (Starving Artist Remix)
22. Grand Puba "That's How We Move It"
23. Groove B Chill "Let It Roll"
24. PHD - "Do It Any Way You Wanna Do It"
25. M.C. Sugar Ray - "If It Ain't Rough It Ain't Right"
26. Dick Walter - "Time Out"


Enjoy the mix and catch MR KRUM down at the BRIGHTON HIP HOP festival, launch party tonight (yes TONIGHT!) at THE LOFT in Ship Street, Brighton......and you don't stop!

Kid Dyno

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MR KRUM said...

Cheers fellas for inviting me to drop a mix on one of my favourite blog spots out there. And thanks for a most flattering write up! Nice touch with the 'Crumbs On The Table' cuts as well Kid. Funnily enough, I actually planned on playing the D-Nice and then Laura Lee last night at Positivity. I was meant to be doing a break to the beat set but unfortunately couldn't make it over in the end.
Keep up the good work on the blog, and once again, thanks for giving me a little shine.