Saturday 19 July 2008

Library Drums

Now normally I ain't one to hunt down Library LPs on my diggin' travels, mainly because finding the dope ones is kinda hard amongst so many that are complete rubbish! But every so often I stumble across a reasonably priced Library LP which sounds like it will give up the goods. In truth I could call my good friend DJ Skye who seems to own EVERY killer Library LP known to man....but now that would be cheating to rely on his knowledge wouldn't it!
So anyway, the THEMES LP above was a blind purchase based on the track titles and the fact that it was percussion-based. Thankfully it did not disappoint me! Tracks composed by Barry Morgan and Ray Cooper. Check out 2 of the best tracks below.....

"Exploring the wide range of moods and sounds produced by percussion"


"Percussion Power"

Kid Dyno


oxy-gen-ius said...

Good Lawd! Sick with the sickness.

c.blak said...

thanks for putting a brother up on this one. the only way i'll ever run across it is if it's on ebay (haha). but hey, you never know.