Monday 9 February 2009

Jurassic Bedlam

One of the best parts of beat diggin' for us is being able to play a "break to the beat" - i.e. to have the original break and the hip hop track that sampled it. Those of you in the UK who are familiar with TIM WESTWOOD and his legendary CAPITAL RAP RADIO SHOW 95.8FM will remember his "break to the beat" competition where listeners could phone in to name the hip hop track and hopefully win concert tickets etc..
Ever since then we've been hooked, and a regular occurrence at our record club nights is when someone plays a combo like this. So of course when the DAILY DIGGERS play out we also love to drop a little B2B action as it is always guaranteed to get the crowd hype.
So here's a quick break to the beat to get you beatheads salivating! The break is from 1969 by RUSTIX from their BEDLAM LP, and the beat is none other than JURASSIC 5's "DUCKY BOY" from DJ BABU's 2002 "DUCK SEASON" compilation series.


KId Dyno

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The Kool Skool said...

"Play and record!" Who'd have thought that a J5 record could burn the Beatnuts???!!! The B-Side wins again!