Thursday 30 April 2009

Breaks For Days Radio

As promised, here's just over an hours worth of myself and Beat Detective spinning some of our biscuits. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did recording it. Starting with a selection of hip hop tracks to get you open, then we attack the funk crates in search of the perfect beat.

Keep listening as we also have an exclusive peep at SIGHER THE GUTTER SNYPE's new 12" release ..... "Keep on Pushin" b/w "Hitman Harry"
It's been 15 years since the amazing TRIALS OF LIFE EP was released, and now SIGHER takes up the challenge and rocks shit on the MPC and MIC. Go give the TRIALS Ep a listen and then get in touch with SIGHER and tell him the DAILY DIGGERS sent ya. Get down with the program here or order your copy through... russell dot paine1 at ntlworld dot com

BREAKS FOR DAYS radio 30/04/2009

Kid Dyno & Beat Detective


Soul safari said...

Your buckets got a hole init..

Originally realesed in 1970 "Check You Bucket" is a cautionary tale to keep a check of yourself and check yourself for holes, it is a term that was used around the time so was part of the local culture as well as being an old jazz saying amongst musicians that referred to checking the tuning of an upright piano.

There you go,those who thought "Bo" was babbling on about some old rusty bucket thought wrong..

Good work fellas. Great show!


Anonymous said...

On the DL tip as i type.
Looking forward to hearing the show! i know those crates go "deeper than atlantis"(to quote Brother J)and a 'Best Of Late 80's Peace/Out Awards Special'..would be a laugh if that's at all possible? may sound daft but imho there's some killer funky shouts on wax out there i'm sure you'd agree.P

Agent Finch said...

Great idea P, check out BDK - YOUNG, GIFTED & BLACK, where he shouts out some dope artists at the end (i wish that track had come out on a 12")!!

Great show my dusty diggers, i`ve been bumping the show in my `whip` around town today ;o)

Anonymous said...

Martin, thanks for reminding us,i've had to go back to that one,yep very smooth semi-5%er vibe and ends nicely on a "Peace!" on some ol' laid back "My mello ya know" type ish with the "just go with the flow ya the place to be with my man Marley Marl with the classic 'Divine Force' shout..listening puts chills down the spine still all these years later..most rappers just lack the flavor these days to compete with your Kane's,King Grand's,Lakim's etc.Word!

*sorry for 'the show' statement,i may just throw on 'Beat box is rockin'!.


Anonymous said...

Damn!! you guys just killed it!..cant believe I just heard that mental Phase 'n' Rhythm track after all these years of fiending to hear that one again, man that there was a toon!,I heard it for the 1st time on the Capital Rap show..resonating at the back of the brain ever since.
I recall that being a tuff one to find back then,thought they disappeared until they re-emerged on Tommy Boy with 'Swollen Pockets/Hook-N-Sling' as soon as that one dropped I cop'd the import from Rex Records and still have it in the crate(Thank god i never sold that one!),a superb obscure crew.Id like to find out what happened to Phase'n'Rhythm and if they had material recorded for a full length album on Tommy Boy(?).P

Agent Finch said...

Yeah P, KANE comes off real smooth on that track, he even makes giving shout outs sound really dope, one of my fave KANE tracks, dope sample, laid back flow, & dope rhymes..!

That PHASE N RHYTHM joint was my request for the show, i love that track, has to be one of the best killer `random rap` records ever..!
I know dynO was hyped when he finally added that gem to his crates..!

Anonymous said...

Word! Kane's 'Set it off' got a brilliant outro and my favorite the King Grand style always brings a wry smile to this b-boy's face when i listen to the KAOS album,quotes a plenty "step off suckers!" said in a confident cocky manner all of that fly anti-sucker duck talk.superb.check for Lakim as well his outro's were flavor unit-centric!!

Martin,thanks for requesting Kid DynO to drop that Phase'N'Rhythm,daaamn those drumz!!rappin'is off the hook!i agree with DynO that it's possibly Paul C.'s finest work but then again i rate "Listen to the Man" highly also. Heck, i love all the Paul C stuff!! lol. P

Drasar Monumental said...

That " What's Poppin " remix is very dangerous...Keep up the good work ya'll....DRASAR MONUMENTAL UZN/NS/GBK..

MR KRUM said...

Great show as ever fellas...

I gotta get that Phase N Rhythm 12". Gets better every time I hear it. I'm very jealous about that one!

Nice selection all round...

I should probably know this already but what was that first Soul tune you dropped that was sampled for Master Ace's 'As I Reminisce'? That's a beautiful record.


Daily Diggers said...

SOUL SAFARI - thanks for that extra info, I had wondered what the phrase meant, and you have cleared that holes in your bucket ;o)
Eddie Bo RIP

CRATEDIGGER & P - yes the PHASE n RHYTHM is a stormer of a joint, lots of great samples , fat and funky drums, and stone cold killer cuts and scratches. What more could ya ask for.....?

DRASAR glad you like the "Whats Poppin REEMIX" - NUT RAGEOUS likes it too!! Keep up the good work, always welcome up in here.

KRUM - it's all good men, that track is ONE MAN BAND by Monk Higgins, on the DISCO SAX LP.
Hunt that shit down my mellow.....

thanks fellas - stay tuned!

Kid Dyno

Anonymous said...

Hey fellas! whats the email address for correspondence please! P.

Daily Diggers said...

kidbiscuit at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Hey,when is the next podcast guys?

i thoroughly enjoyed your last musical excursion into all things on the dusty tip..would love to hear sum crackin' funk breaks! P

Anonymous said...

that new SIGHER 12 is proper,so will be getting a copy asap after hearing Dyno play at the end of the last radio the head noddin'!

Begs the question:why the hell aren't kids making hip-hop like this in the UK anymore? P.

Anonymous said...

id like to get my hands on some of my own stuff...i know a guy im queens who might still have all the unreleased recordings and demos from back in the days.... (RHYTHM)

Daily Diggers said...


thanks for passing thru and welcome to BREAK FOR DAYS. Man it would be amazing to hear your PHASE n RHYTHM demos, both your FUNKY TUNE and TOMMY BOY releases are soooo dope! You know how sought after BRAINFOOD / HYPERACTIVE is.

Bring it on.

Please get in touch with me at...

kidbiscuit at hotmail dot com

many thanks


Anonymous said...

Hi... I tried your email but found no excuse to send a message here ... But, I would post the link to your blog on my blog....
It seems like the same things... Although things are different here in Brazil and Difficult...Hugs, Groovy