Tuesday 8 September 2009



Anonymous said...

Filmed in Anamorphic Duovision! In theaters October 16!

Mac McRaw said...

Yeah, this looks ill, wonder if it will get screenings in the UK?

LLCoolFish said...

"shhh..you gonna wake up the resta the bitches..."
pretty sure he bit that line from me!!

verge said...

Awesome. I can't wait to see this.
I'm guessing it'll just be in independent theaters?
Anyway, been waiting awhile for this.
Even copped one of the ill tee's they were selling through Wax Poetics.

Q Ball, The 800lb Gorilla said...

This is some classic stuff right here! I am a big fan of blaxploitation movies. Rudy Ray Moore was my fave in his Dolemite movies including the Devil's Son In Law.

By the way...I got a nostalgic Old School Tribute mix that is very popular on You Tube. check it out! I know you are going to love it!