Saturday 7 November 2009

Cooldjfrank interviews....

Check out Cooldjfrank's interview with AUSTIN TADDEI discussing the art of making beats, Philly Hip Hop, and diggin' for rare hip hop records. It's a low budget affair, but the same can't be said for those records on AUSTIN's wall - there's some straight-up killer LPs on display! Props to him.
And you will see he spins the previously unreleased "Raise Up" by the legendary MAIN SOURCE (DWG promo 7" release) ... oooh nice!


Gav Kasso said...

Another tasty posting...good work. What was up with my comments on the Dum Dum LP afew weeks back? I found out Record Kingz want £70 pounds for that bad boy!

Daily Diggers said...

Hey Gav,

sorry bro meant to get back to you about that DUM-DUMS LP. I dont own a copy, but I asked BEAT DETECTIVE and he says it rarely shows up, and gets little mention. One for the real heads methinks!

Nice find man, I'm still hunting!


Anonymous said...

Yo Kid! thanks for posting this interview, this dude sure does have some dope records on the wall! I'd love to know that T.P joint his playing in part 2 at 3.28, I can't quite catch the name he says, is it Duey Gee - Freestyle??, sounds like some crazy late 80's philly rap. Anyway, Peace Dom.


p.s.Supreme Dominion said...

thanks Dyno!

enjoyed watching ALL the links! there is no doubt in my mind that PHILLY has the finest scratch Deejays! Technically ace, lovin how age means nothin to those guys, still lovin the culture,the old folk still got skills to pay da bills!The b-girl featured in the PHILLY DAY doc, was nice on the wheels too. Very interesting to watch so many great DJ's just having fun and gettin' busy.

superb. dope post bro!


Daily Diggers said...

Philly got skills for days!