Tuesday 26 January 2010

Top 50 Nike AF1s

I'm a creature of habit, and routine serves me well. One of my weekly stop-offs is at the excellent HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD site hosted by my man DRASAR MONUMENTAL. Whether it's crazy hip hop news, knowledge, dope mixtapes, or live hip hop video streams - DRASAR got it all (and he knows his onions!). If you're not familiar with HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD then I suggest you take a peep over there right now! Thanks to DRASAR and others like him I get my daily feed of hip hop to keep me trembling. This week he links to Mayor's Top 50 NIKE AF1s, and just as I enjoy a routine with my web surfing, I'm also a regular NIKE AF1 fanatic. In my sneaker cupboard I have approximately 50 pairs of the said shoe. Many have been rocked to death, and many are boxfresh and just waiting for a (not) rainy day. In fact, over the years I'm surprised my feet haven't taken on the AF1 form, so regular do I wear them. In terms of their shape and colour, there ain't a NIKE sneaker more pleasing to the eye IMO. So I was intrigued to see which pairs had made MAYOR's top 50.

Check out his top 50 AF1 kicks right here....
TOP 50 AF1s


Skeme Richards said...

Thats a dope list but theres a few on Clark Kents top 50 list that Im feelin a little more.



Drasar Monumental said...

Word up- Thanks for holding it down for the BATTLEFIELD...It is appreciated....

Clark Kent's list had some heaters as well, I posted that up awhile back..

What up Skeme, I like the stuff I'm hearing from you...My man "Daze Rock" say's WHAT'S GOOD !!!!!!!