Thursday 18 February 2010

Crack & Shine

I have only just picked up a copy of CRACK & SHINE - the first book to document LONDON's graffiti scene. If you're into your burners and bombers then this book is definitely for YOU. It tells the in-depth story of the UK capital's Kings of the Underground, and is written in the writers own words. So you can expect some night-time tales of hiding in the tunnels and foiling the BTP at every opportunity. All the big name crews you would expect are featured, and writers include TEACH, RATE, FUME, DIET, ELK, ZOMBY, NEMS, NEAS, COS, SUB and so on. Grab yourself a copy, you won't be disappointed. This book gets a DAILY DIGGERS double thumbs up.

Kid Dyno


Agent Finch said...

Thanks for the heads up about this book KID!

Can you tell us all where we can pick up a copy?

Cheers bro.!


Daily Diggers said...

Hey Martin,

I was lucky and found a copy in the book exchange for a tenner (oooweeeee) but it is on AMAZON sites still at its original price of £20-30. But worth every penny of that.


Agent Finch said...

Cheers D, i`ve spotted a couple of copies on ebay, both for £31, looks like you found yourself a bargain son...!

I`ll bag a copy soon, look forward to reading it.

FISH said...

£10?? twat!!
great book.