Monday 1 March 2010

Vinyl Pressing Plant

Gotta Groove Records - "Groove With Us" from Nick Cavalier on Vimeo.


MG said...

Came across your site this morning. Wanted to say it's like a breath of fresh air! Good work my friend.
A lot of kids these days need to spend a couple hours on here

Daily Diggers said...

Hey MG that's great to hear. And thank you for taking the time to drop an inspiring comment.

That's why I started BREAKS FOR DAYS BEATS FOR WEEKS - to give the true die-hard hip hoppers a site where there was no wackness to sift through, just the butter. And it is the perfect outlet for my over-indulgence in this music I've loved for 25yrs+.

please keep passing through,

All for the love of hip hop.

Kid Dyno

supaman said...

nice blog you got here man. maybe you should post this:

Tyler said...

Glad you liked the film, we're really proud of it. Keep spinnin.