Thursday 25 March 2010

DWG Dropping Jewels Once Again

Yes, those crazy hip hop cats over at have done it again. If securing unreleased JUICE CREW, UNIQUE and PHILL MOST CHILL material wasn't enough already, they have now pushed the envelope further as far as the "unreleased" game is concerned by unearthing some never heard before TDS MOB cuts. If you are familiar with the Boston crew's 12" releases you will know "Scratch Reaction" and "Dope for the Folks" are certified dope. Peep the sounds below and see what DWG have in store. Both a re-release of the classics, plus some unheard joints to bend your domepiece. Samples including Nautilus and Bounce Rock Skate Roll.

Check it out...then get over to DWG to check for release dates.

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