Wednesday 24 March 2010

Second to None - B-Boy Mercenaries

Watch out for the forthcoming DVD from the UK's veteran b-boy crew SECOND TO NONE. If that name ain't familiar, then you need to ask any European b-boy crews who their major influences were. Then you'll know.

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Agent Finch said...

Crammed with old footage, interviews with b-boy legends & a killer sound track, this DVD will appeal to anyone that`s addicted to this culture we call HIP HOP..!
One of the most eye catching elements in hip hop, i`m sure this DVD will satisfy your hip hop pallet.
Sit back, relax & enjoy the moves of the legendary SECOND TO NONE, a crew that inspired a lot of breakers across the world...!
Maybe you`ll even buss the lino or cardboard out after watching the DVD :-)