Thursday 22 April 2010

Got Doubles pt2

Just like GM FLASH in his kitchen in the film WILD STYLE.


The Kool Skool said...

You and Aroe are close on having so many Tuff City Records!!!! I am jelous, for sure!

I made this for the Guru fans! Put it up and pass it around if you want.

I put up a rare Guru and Premier vid live:

oh yeah:

Peace Bro

MR KRUM said...

Press photos look dope Dom. Need to get me some of them.

Agent Finch said...

Yes yes MR KRUM, those press photo`s always look fresh in a record room..! I`ve bagged a few myself which include PETE ROCK & CL SMOOTH, SHOWBIZ & AG, GANG STARR, COLD CRUSH BROTHERS, EAZY E & MOBB DEEP.
Yo DOM, i`ll send you some of my hip hop doubles tomorrow, i need to get my swerve on in this thread.