Tuesday 27 April 2010

Just A Little Selection

I've enjoyed checking out the DOUBLES PHOTOS you've been sending in, so a big thanks to all of you who've done so already, and to those who are still to send their flicks in (keep 'em coming). I also see a lotta records I need to keep my eyes peeled for when I'm out digging - so thanks also for the tips fellas. I got more snappy snaps of my doubles to come - hold tight for those as you know I'm gonna drop some jewels.
But it's been a while since I featured a few records from the DAILY DIGGERS crates, so let's take a deep breath and dive head first into this sea of records here at the HQ. There's always a dusty corner somewhere that no-one has visited for a while, lurking beneath some trash wax no doubt (and I got a lot of trash wax - my buying techniques don't always pay off).
There's no theme this time, just a riot of random records from the racks. As usual I ain't trying to boost no titles, simply spread the word on a record or two you may not have heard, or forgot to pick up over the years. Just as my time spent on the web can enlighten ME on music I need to rush out and find, I also wish to serve as a hub for like-minded record people who wanna check out some good old funky music.

Enjoy the ride...

MC SHY-D - "Don't Sweat Me" 1990 BENZ RECORDS 12"
I was always a fan of SHY-D ever since the days of "Rapp will never die" and "Got to be tough" despite his high pitch vocals which put a few of my peers off him at the time. It wasn't just the music that appealed, but his crazy picture covers on 12" and LP releases particularly the "Got To Be Tough" LP cover. SHY-D always dressed to impress making these budget picture covers somewhat classic. And you can never beat a record with lots of cutting & scratchin', hence why "Don't Sweat Me" is getting some play. A great use of the funky drummer break even if a couple of years after it had already been used to near death. Throw in a bit of KC & THE SUNSHINE BAND, reverse the drum loop here and there and you got a perfect stage for SHY-D to rock. He brags about his status within hip hop, reaching his third LP, and telling other MCs "Don't Sweat Me". For a man with a small voice SHY-D always made his point with attitude and confidence.

MARVIN HOLMES & THE UPTIGHTS - "Ooh Ooh The Dragon" pts 1&2 196? UNI RECORDS 45rpm
I recently copped a double of this little beauty to replace a very cheap but cracked copy I found some years back. Snappy drums are the on the menu and believe me when I say these drums are hard! The whole track is pretty manic from start to finish. The screams in the intro lead me to believe there was some magic potion going on in the studio that night if you understand what I'm saying? And the references to the dragon - I will let you decide on that one.
At least now I have a copy I can play out, cuz I'm sure this will get a floor filled and rocking. Crank it up yourself and give a little hip shake here and there. I tell you the drums are crazy dope on this one. A little something for the b-boys and beatheads to sweat over.
Check out more of MARVIN HOLMES' music at the excellent FUNKY 16 CORNERS blog. If you don't know that site then you need to bookmark it with immediate effect.

A project LP by HERBIE MANN bringing together some of his own favourite musicians in order to make an LP. Heavy drums coupled with funky flutes is always a winner with me, and this one is so funky, so damn funky. I picked up the LP in a cheap record shop noticing it had STEVE GADD on drums which is often a recipe for success. If you are not familiar with his name then check the back of your LPs and he will no doubt be providing the beats somewhere in your crates. He was responsible for the drums on PAUL SIMON's "50 ways to Leave Your Lover" amongst many others and also happens to be one of the best drummers there has ever been.
But the standout track on this LP is "The Turtle & The Frog" which you will no doubt recognise from the excellent "FIVE SINISTER SYLLABLES" mix by JAY GLAZE and PRO-CELEBRITY GOLF from a few years back. Now that's a mix I still play on the regular, so it's good to find a beat off that mix I didn't already own.

(EDIT: It's actually 3 SINISTER SYLLABLES not 5. DOH! Thanks to PRO CELEBRITY GOLF for getting in touch)

FISH - "Can You Feel It?" 198? CUPID RECORDS 12"
About 10 years ago I met a dude called RITCHIE from HEAVY ROTATION RECORDS, a heavy duty record collector and dealer in vinyl. A friend of mine had introduced us and immediately I was impressed by the guy's musical knowledge. You name a genre, he knew shit about it. At the time he was dealing with a lot of Japanese hip hop collectors, and a name that cropped up regular on their wants lists was this track by FISH. I had never heard of it, nor of CUPID RECORDS label for that matter. So what the f#ck was this record all about? And why had no-one mentioned it or played it to me before?
Eventually I tracked down a copy, although without the original CUPID sleeve, but nonetheless a cheap copy. The only name I recognise from the label is that of EDDIE SANCHO who went on to be DJ PREMIER's right-hand man when it came to studio engineering. Intrigued to hear what all the fuss was about, I flipped the record on. I gotta admit I was kinda disappointed by the rap side, but the instrumental dub version is breakbeat heavy ("Amen Brother", "Assembly Line", "Scratchin'", and even "Take Me To The Mardi Gras") and well worth a listen. The Japanese dudes never cease to amaze me with their in depth knowledge, especially when it comes to the obscure shit. Anyone know any more about this record?

Kid Dyno


Anonymous said...

Hey Dom,picked up a copy of the family of mann for £1.00 at my local bootfair a couple of weeks ago wicked lp.excellent posts as usual.

Unknown said...

Hello, I have been looking for this vinyl for the FISH "Can You Feel It" for a very long time...with no luck. I live in the US and it's extremely hard to find or download. Is there anyway you could email the tracks in mp3 form? Or even just the club mix if possible. One of the version with vocals on it. I have been dying to here this song and the vocals.

Here is my email just in case:

Thank You I truly appreciate it! Have a wonderful weekend.
D :)