Wednesday 26 May 2010

Record Karma

Firstly a shout goes out to fellow record head FAB from Germany, what's up dude.
He emailed me a week or two ago through DISCOGS asking if I was happy to sell my 45rpm 7" copy of RAPPERS RAPP THEME by RAPPERS RAPP GROUP (see DISCOGS link). FAB already owns most, if not all of the 12" releases on the RAPPERS RAPP DISCO label based in California, which is more than can be said for myself. But he had spotted the 7" promo release and was hungry to own a copy.
I was in no way going to part with my only copy (there's a story behind my finding this 45) but as FAB had asked me so darn politely, I told him that I knew of a copy lurking in the basement of a North London record shop, namely FLASHBACK in ISLINGTON. And as politeness seems thin on the ground these days, I thought I would offer to grab the copy if it was still there on my next North London mission. Two weeks later, and luckily for FAB, I hit FLASHBACK for another dig and found the RAPPERS RAPP 7" still hiding in the DISCO 7"s section. And at a ridiculous price of £1.99, less than 3 bucks. Now I am a firm believer in record karma, and it seemed right to offer to send the almost mint copy on to FAB in Germany as a favour. The postage was a similar price, so I thought hey let's do a good deed for the day and send it on for free. I don't personally know FAB, nor had I spoken with him before this DISCOGS encounter. But he asked politely and was rewarded for being that way.
Plus I like the idea of helping someone complete their label collection. Now before you all start emailing me in the hope of a freebie record here and there, I'm writing this to make a point rather than to encourage hundreds of vinyl requests. That point is, always be polite, remember your Ps and Qs, and karma will always look after you. Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. Damn it sounds like I'm on some bible steez now, but I'm sure you get my message.

Enjoy the record FAB.

Kid Dyno

Oh and as for the other story, about me finding my copy. Well, that's a painful one. A few years back SOUNDS FAMILIAR record shop in ROMFORD was closing down, which was such a shame as it was one of my best vinyl haunts over the years, and not everyone knew about it. Anyway, they had a box full of minty RAPPERS RAPP 7"s which I only discovered the week they closed. I mean there must have been over 50 in the box. Like an idiot I only grabbed 2 copies at a pound each, and traded one of those later that year. WHY OH WHY didn't I make an offer for the whole box?? Hindsight is a wonderful thing. KD


MG said...

Your good peoples Kid. I'm with you 100% on karma


Anonymous said...

yO KD, this is Fab! Thanx a lot for all your help, it's really cool to see that there are still some good guys like you.....I collect since the 80's and I must say that over the years I have not seen many collectors like you, I mean doing something for someone you don't know....expecially because usually in this Hip Hop/Old School/Electro scene is always a lot of jealousy & competition. I must admit that I am also one of those who always try to help other music lovers, in which way sharing infos etc. !!! Once again bro', thank you so much for ya help, I really hope to return the favor one day, so wotever help you need, just drop me a line....The good thing is that when I play the record I will always combine it with this story, which makes the record more valuable for me!!!
Great action bro'

Anonymous said...

I found a bunch of these in a soho record about 5 yrs back. But I only took 1 or 2. Wasn't really feeling the record but i'll have to give it another spin after reading this. I also found Rodney-O "Rhythm Rock" on 45 that day in the same shop. Never seen or heard anything about that one since... also they had many Sunny View 45s if I remember right.

see ya. Erms.

Daily Diggers said...

Hey Erms....

you don't know the relevance of what you just said - The same day I copped my RAPPERS RAPP, there were multiples of the Rodney O 45rpm (on Galleon records) and several Sunnyview 7s. It's gotta be from the same stash man! The shop was SOUNDS FAMILIAR in Romford so logistically it makes sense.

Kid Dyno

Master J* said...

I really miss sounds familiar record shop in romford,over the years I got to know Steve and Paul...the collection in the two shops were vast so I always came out with something!! I remember when the shop in romford opened, I lived in edmonton so yo u can imagine it took me an hour to get their by train...those were the days when you did'nt mind travelling half way across London for music.I miss those days but have vinyl & CD's to remind me.Master J*

Daily Diggers said...

Hey Master J - thanks for your comment bro! Yep that was a great shop and I got some real treats in there over the years. Diggin' certainly ain't what it used to be but like you say we still have the memories! Dyno