Tuesday 8 June 2010

Shine Like A Diamond

I've said it before, and I will say it again, the best thing about running this site is the contact I get from hip hoppers across the globe. I've met some cool people, been given the lowdown on some new breaks & beats to find, and been presented with some dope ass mixes from the UK, Europe, U.S.A. and beyond. Plus the odd artist has been in touch showing the love. And it makes me realise that appreciation for real deal hip hop is alive and kicking out there!
But this week my reward was stepped up a notch
when I received an email from the one and only DIAMOND D from DITC. It seems we have celebrity readers here at BREAKS FOR DAYS, and I'm not gonna deny that DIAMOND ranks highly as one of my idols - hence I had to pinch myself for a moment.
The man responsible for STUNTS BLUNTS & HIP HOP (that's one of my top 5 LPs right there!), HATRED PASSIONS & INFIDELITY, GROWN MAN TALK, and the HUGE HEFNER CHRONICLES had also checked out BREAKS FOR DAYS RADIO and wanted to comment on some of the beat-heavy 45s we spin.
But here's the newsflash....nowadays DIAMOND likes to rock the wheels of steel as well as the mic, and has been spinning a 45rpm only breakbeat extravaganza in his recent DJ sets. (Any promoters across Europe and in the UK need to take note - we need to see this shit in London.) We hope to bring you a short interview with DIAMOND in the near future, so stay locked to BREAKS FOR DAYS for the dusty scoop on the DITC trooper who brought us classics like BEST KEPT SECRET, F#CK WHAT YA HEARD, THE HIATUS and has worked with ATCQ, PHARAOH MONCH, JAZZY JAY, etc. etc.. And how can I forget "I'm Not Playing" by ULTIMATE FORCE, the record that broke the sampling mould in 1988. This was whaaay back when DIAMOND D was teamed up with MASTER ROB on vocal duties, and signed to STRONG CITY (see business card to the right). And DIAMOND is by no means a slouch when it comes to the mic skills these days, over 20 years later. While we wait for the interview, enjoy DIAMOND D rocking the m-i-c in association with DJ MARK the 45 KING and beat produced by DJ SCRATCH.

Kid Dyno


Mac McRaw said...

Yep Stunts, Blunts is def in my top five, beats on that LP are incredible!

Downstroke said...

Holy shit!! I've been a crazy Diamond D fan since first hearing Freestyle (yo that's the sh*t!) in NY in 92. For me, Diamond is top 3 dopest producers on the mic, I always loved his syruppy flow and quotable lines that just stuck in your head. I always loved his guest spots as well (Yagfu Front, Alkaholiks), plus lets face it, he was never a slouch on the beats –didn't dude coin the term 'diggin' in the crates?'

Agent Finch said...

If you`re getting props from the legendary DIAMOND D, then you know you must be doing something pretty special on here Dom.
I`ve said it once, i`ve said it a thousand times, this is the most informative hip hop site on the net..!

And STUNTS, BLUNTS & HIP HOP is THE shit..! As was DIAMOND`s production for early LORD FINESSE, SHOWBIZ & AG, FAT JOE ect..

@Downstroke, i think it was LORD FINESSE who came up with the sayin` "diggin` in the crates".

Daily Diggers said...

Yes fellas, DIAMOND is no doubt a superdope emcee producer, as he says in his own "Superman" lyrics. Check these lyrics in the video again...DIAMOND is still reeeal nice with his nouns and verbs.

You can't front....shit iz real!

Kid Dyno


Nappa said...

This is dope! sample's "Keith Mansfield - Industrial Power" dj scratch on that KPM shit! big up Kid Dyno loving the blog....peace Nappa

Agent Finch said...

Is this ^^^ the legendary UK producer DJ Nappa?

Bobby Corridor said...

Must have felt a bit strange getting that email

I got one out of the blue from White Child Rix once, I was a bit "but you're White Child Rix", he was a bit "yeah".

NAPPA said...

@martinlfinch yes sir.

Agent Finch said...

@ Nappa, wicked to see you on here bro, this blog will be right up your street.

Love all the production you did with Phi Life Cypher..!

Beat Detective said...

Damn!!! If Nappa's up in here we must be doing sumink right,whats up bro....for all ya'll that dont know my man Nappa's on some Heavy "Tonka Toy" diggin' shit! Ultimate Respect - BD

vollsticks said...

Best producer on the mic.

Agent Finch said...

Better than LARGE PRO???? ;-)