Monday 14 June 2010

Wax Poetics

It's real good to see a healthy dose of hip hop featured in this month's issue of WAX POETICS magazine. Plus you can choose between 4 different covers with this edition, featuring either west coast or east coast rappers depending on your preference. My favourite two are pictured below - but hurry to scoop your copy before they disappear off the shelves, the other two covers being original gangster ICE-T and ex-NWA member ICE CUBE.
Also in the mag this month are EPMD, DJ DISCO WHIZ, GRANDMIXER DXT, EASY MO BEE, DJ AMIR's record spot rundown, PEANUT BUTTER WOLF's video rundown, SOULS OF MISCHIEF, JIMMY SPICER, JUST-ICE, MIXMASTER GEE & THE TURNTABLE ORCHESTRA and SPYDER D. GURU, MALCOLM MCLAREN and CHILLY B (NEWCLEUS) are also remembered in this issue. For more details make your way over to the WAX POETICS website by clicking here.

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