Saturday 21 August 2010

Breaks for Days Radio

Here's some funky beats for you to listen to whilst reading our FRESHCO interview below. As usual it's a one hour selection ... there's a dose of b-boy funk in there, some drum nuggets for the beatheads, and a chunk of vintage hip hop from 1990 (especially for my man PALMER as he requested this weeks ago). Only the freshest and the best beats as you would expect from us here at DAILY DIGGERS HQ. For the hip hoppers there's also some CRAIG G & TRAGEDY live action at MARLEY MARL's House of Hitz. Plus a favourite banger of mine from MC FRESHCO with uber-dope sidekick DJ MIZ!

Get locked in or get left out!

Kid Dyno


Agent Finch said...

Wicked show Dom, really enjoyed it..!

The first half of the show even had my 1 year old girl up rockin` ;-)

Anonymous said...

killer beats! how can I d/l this and also what is that first bboy beat please?

thank you

Hugo, BK

Anonymous said...

wicked set 1st half was brilliant .

p.s.Supreme Dominion said...

I enjoyed the 'Find Your Way' chorused rock jam very apt in light of your recent MC Freshco interview KD. Highly enjoyable selection of funkish rock breaks - one for Master Ace.

Yes, 1990 was in total effect. My reason for the request was down to me thinking 1989 seems fairly well covered where as in the short distance of a year the number of good independant label releases seem lost in comparison to the more obvious classics of 1990, if you know what i mean. In your mix a few less talked about gems which was fresh, the Eric B. & Rakim still a bad boy remix, the 1st Dan the Automator? hmmm? 2nd tune got me head scratchin', which is a good thing.

Kings Of Swing, Intelligent Hoodlum - Craig G, soopa good stuff.

Big up the selections!

cheers bro.

MR KRUM said...

Dope selection as ever Dom. Sorry I haven't left any comments recently, just been tied down with one thing or another. Always checking the blog though and appreciate the hard work you put in (Freshco interview was super cool - can't wait for the wax!).

Still my favourite spot on the internet for my daily dose of Hip-Hop knowledge.

Be in touch soon.

Cheers - D

Daily Diggers said...

hey fellas, I'm pleased you enjoyed the selection.
Martin let get's the whole family rocking!
Hugo - that b-boy beat is my re-work of a Walter Kubiczek joint, that's all I'm telling ;o)
Supreme Dominion, this selection was for you bro. That 2nd joint was RINGMASTER on MERGE records from 90. 90 was a good year.
Krum, what's good man? Good to see you over here, and don't worry this place is like church - our doors are open whenever you need hip hop salvation!

keep doing the do


Agent Finch said...

Still loving this mix Dom..!

Love the Automator joint (which i have) have you managed to pick up the 12" he dropped before that LP called MUSIC TO BE MURDERED BY?
Wicked 12 with nice beats..!

Love the RINGMASTER track D, one that i still need to get.

the hip hop michael stipe said...

best yet...and i have even got to the hip hop section yet!
keep on rocking.