Sunday 15 August 2010

Diamond D Spinning 45s in London

Here's some news for DITC fans. The man who brought us STUNTS, BLUNTS & HIP HOP back in '92 is due to come over to the UK to rock the wheels of steel in LONDON this September 17th 2010. Yep, DITC member DIAMOND D is coming to LONDON! As you should already know, BIG DIME "got a thousand old records in his crib" and he is currently dropping a sick 45s only break set guaranteed to push your wig back and split your dome wide open. The man who got skills on the mic AND on the beats is known for his record collection, so beware.
Now I have yet to confirm the details with the venue, but this night should happen at FABRIC nightclub in LONDON on 17th September. As I say I cannot confirm any more details yet but suffice to say that the information came from DIAMOND D himself. FABRIC usually rocks until 5am so this could be a late one my friends, so you may wanna get your RED BULL on!

Here's a few words I received from BRONX legend D-SQUIZZY...
"peace I came across your blog site break for days and I enjoyed it..especially since I've been collecting beats since 79' on LP & 45s...Aside from me doing my MC sets when I go on tour, I just recently started doing all 45s DJ sets cutting up funk, soul and breakbeats and the response has been great. If you know of any serious promoters over there where you are lemme know because I'd love to do my all 45 set there. I know the fans over there would dig it when I drop some gems on the turntables. Kid Dyno, what up to you...I like your radio show a lot.

Yeah and I see you gave me props on bringing out the cold feet sample by Albert King on your site...

holla back, peace
Diamond D

As soon as I have more info about the 17th at FABRIC I will share it with you. It's a long time since DIAMOND D hit these UK shores so be ready and don't miss out.

Kid Dyno

EDIT: NEW VENUE! Now confirmed ...DIAMOND D will be spinning 45s at "On THE REAL" at PLAN B, 418 Brixton Road, London SW9 7AY on September 17th rather than FABRIC as previously planned. Nearest tube is Brixton. DJs on the night are DJ 279, Spin Doctor, DJ MK and hosted by MC Prankster. For ticket details go to

"No crew did more than New York's incredible Digging In The Crates (DITC) to push the art of finding and sampling these often long forgotten pieces of black vinyl that had been lying forgotten in basements across the city and the country. Founder DITC member Diamond D joins us to show the fruits of his labours by spinning a set exclusively of 45's (7 inch singles to the uninitiated) but also to perform a handful of his classic tracks live!"

See you at PLAN B in Brixton on the 17th, and keep your eye on BREAKS FOR DAYS for a short interview with DITC member DIAMOND D.

Kid Dyno


Agent Finch said...

Amazing news Dyno, i would love to watch one of the best beat makers in action! I can only imagine what dope records he has in his collection. It will be refreshing to see a DJ spin 45s instead of using serato.
I need to sort out some time off work if i`m to make this jam.
Love the press photo Dom ;-)

Anonymous said...

any news on this? nothing in the fabric listings:

Daily Diggers said...

Now to be held at PLAN B in Brixton, same date. See updated post for new details.

See ya there,


Mac McRaw said...

Man I wish I could reach this .....but work commitments stop play :-( clip here: