Monday 22 November 2010

Break to the Beat

I'm not sure if I've posted this before but whilst I was poking through some old shoeboxes at the weekend I found a copy of a "break to the beat" CD I put together circa 2001. And even if I have posted it up before I'm still enjoying this little mix myself so I'm gonna post it anyway for those who didn't catch it the first time around.
Nothing too rare in here just a nice selection of tracks - each one followed by the hip hop record that sampled it. Breaks from CAT STEVENS, STANLEY COWELL, DAZZ, YOUNG HOLT UNLIMITED, and beats by NAS, DITC, KRS ONE and THE PHARCYDE amongst others.


Anonymous said...

oh shit... Nice... I love this

p.s.Supreme Dominion said...

'Keep your eyes on the prize', love that track.

Enjoyed this one KD some interesting choices.
I wasnt expecting the D.I.T.C remix after the 'was dog a doughnut'break more thinking you might drop that Double XX Posse b-side 'On a mission' for sum reason. Also Id never heard the break to 'Act a fool' before, dope!.