Saturday 6 November 2010

Def Jam - I Used to be a Fan

LL COOL J, JAZZY JAY, HOLLIS CREW, PUBLIC ENEMY, BEASTIE BOYS, 3RD BASS, SLICK RICK, ORIGINAL CONCEPT etc.. Yeah I used to be huge fan of DEF JAM recording artists, but over recent years I have lost all love for the NEW YORK label founded in 1983 by RUSSELL SIMMONS and RICK RUBIN. What used to be an iconic Hip Hop label now seems to put out nothing but drivel! And when I heard lately that UK "urban" act N-DUBZ had been signed to DEF JAM, that was the final straw for me. That's wack!


The Dynamic Hamza 21® said...

Def Jam went downhill right after releasing Nikki D's album back in 1989. It was never same after that.

Repo said...

Totally agree. N-Dubz on Def Jam. It's an absolute facking disgrace.

Agent Finch said...

I can think of quite a few DEF JAM releases after `89 that were dope, so it`s a bit harsh to say they went downhill after `89.

I`d say `93 onwards saw the demise of DEF JAM as a credible hip hop label.

Kool said...

Jimmy Spicer - 1985 on Def Jam - magic times.