Sunday 23 January 2011

Soundsci - The Illness

Right now SOUNDSCI are back with more of that boom bap shit we love, and after their "Dig For Victory" EP released on CRATE ESCAPE RECORDS a year or so ago I just knew this was gonna be a sureshot. Peace and props to JONNY CUBA, AUDESSEY, OLLIE TEEBA and STRICTLY KEV - this shit is ridiculously DOPE! Also a DAILY DIGGERS shout goes out to DJ CRO from CRATE ESCAPE RECORDS for bringing the good stuff. I wish more hip hop music would sound like this.


Crate Escape Records said...

Thanks Dyno, still got some of the Red vinyl Ep's left if anyone missed out, drop me an email if you're after a copy or two. The new albums nearly finished and got a few other releases planned for this year


JonnyC said...

Peace for reppin Hip Hop 24/7