Thursday 31 March 2011

Back to '85 - Stupid Fresh

Let's take it back to the stupid fresh era of 1985 with these boxfresh vintage NIKE RECOGNITION HIGHs. This all white leather pair has the grey suede swoosh, typical of many NIKE designs in the mid 80s. I'm just waiting for the right sunny day to come along so I can take these babies off ice and rock 'em. They've lasted for 25 years in the box so I'm sure a few more weeks won't do any harm. Roll on the summertime!


Kozzy said...

They look fresh....remind me of the Nike Penetrator Lo (with dark blue swoosh). How much did you pay??

Daily Diggers said...

Hey thanks Kozzy, these have a little more shape to them compared to Penetrators, and are stiffer around the toe section hence they keep theie shape better. I've had these for about 10 years and only cost around £55 ($90) on ebay.