Wednesday 2 March 2011

Rasheed Chappell, Kenny Dope & DJ Scratch

All I've been hearing in 2011 so far is fresh new music, maybe the new year has been a turning point in music terms cuz the quality control has been stepped up a notch. Peep this banger from RASHEED CHAPPELL produced by KENNY DOPE - this beat is so ill, good to see KENNY DOPE still churning out headnodders. And EPMD's deck maestro DJ SCRATCH drops some cuts on this one so it's a guaranteed sureshot.


Heavy Stylus said...

Nice! When will this be available to buy on vinyl?

Aggy Old Man said...

between this, the premo & reks track and the format & sureshot single 2011 is going to go down in history for the world's shortest "best hip hop tracks of the year..." mix