Thursday 28 April 2011

45 King - Making The Beat

Spotted over at HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD, my man DRASAR always knows the scoop!


verge said...

I only saw part 4 of this and I gotta say I find it hilarious at how casual the interview goes. Very good watch. And it's kinda of off-putting at the artists 45 King names as his favorite in that part. Usually producers are the biggest rap fans and know everything about everything. No disrespect to the god 45 king since he's one of my favorites of all time, he just seems to be in his own world. Which is fine, since he's one the greatest of all time!

Mac McRaw said...

Yeah Mark is one of my favourite producers, especially his early beats but he comes of real strange in interviews like he really doesn't want to be there ...& he set this up himself on his own channel, real odd ...Double J got his work cut out for him.