Sunday 17 April 2011

Caveman Live on Radio

As far a UK emcees go, MCM from the legendary crew CAVEMAN has always been one to listen out for. The CAVEMAN LP "Positive Reaction" was signed up by PROFILE RECORDS for very good reason - the production was more than solid courtesy bof THE PRINCIPAL and the rhymes were uber-competent despite MCM's tender age when they surfaced in 1990. Here's a live session on CAPITAL RADIO with Tim Westwood, and some true school stories from MCM himself.


p.s.Supreme Dominion said...

Major props to MCM, a great guy. Still inspiring to listen to. Hear what he has to say at end of the TRUE SCHOOL interview. I imagine he sums up how the majority of regulars to this blog feel too.

Anonymous said...

HEY MCM HAS A NEW ALBUM OUT IN JUNE 2011 - with unreleased cuts from the CAVEMAN era and MCM solo era.. THE GOSPEL: The Missing Gems of MCM CAVEMAN

Artist: MCM
Album: The Gospel: The Missing Gems of MCM Caveman (1994-2011)
Release Date: 6th June 2011
Format: Digital Download (iTunes/ 7digital etc)
Length: 1hr 50min (Double-Album)
Label: I-innovate (UK)
Album Features: TY, DJ Devastate, The Creators, DJ Bizzness, Mr Brown, Maverick, Nappa, Q-Reppin, C-Lone, Rinse Dog (Headcount), Magical, MJ and many more.


MCM - Gospel Album Sampler One:

MCM - Gospel Album Sampler Two:

MCM - Caveman Crew & Tim Westwood (Freestyle)